Trejo’s Soul Collection Vol. 1 CD


Trejo’s Soul Collection Vol 1. is now available on CD! Features 10 songs and artists!

Track List:

  1. Satisfy My Soul – Tarah New feat. Baby Bash
  2. If You Don’t Mind – Cota & Trish Toledo
  3. This May Be – Amoraa
  4. Cruisin’ Kinda Feeling – Pepe Marquez feat. Baby Bash
  5. Drama – Tarah New
  6. Stranger In Your Heart – Joey Quinones feat. Baby Bash
  7. Besos Y Copas – Twixxy
  8. A Million Bucks – Rocky Padilla feat. Baby Bash, Bobby Ross Avila Jr, Oside Blaze, Franky Fade & DJ Pinky
  9. Take Me Back – Pepe Marquez
  10. Outlaw – Danny Trejo


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*Autographed Copies by Danny Trejo

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